Aode asonix

info site for joining the mumble server

Updated 3 days ago

A simple wrapper program to expose stdio over unix sockets

Updated 1 week ago

An executor agnostic object pool based on std::future::Future

Updated 2 weeks ago

A webservice to monitor a relay's list of open instances, and provide details to people interested in joining the federation.

Updated 1 month ago

the asonix plume downstream

Updated 1 month ago

The mastodon downstream

Updated 1 month ago

An example of a service with Authentication and OAuth2 capabilities. A demo of a couple other crates.

Updated 1 month ago

Handling many MPSCs in an Actix Actor

Updated 2 months ago

a webthing (not IOT thing, just thing)

Updated 3 months ago

An ethical alternative to Google Forms

Updated 4 months ago

A simple way to proxy web requests to a webpack dev server with Actix

Updated 4 months ago

Methods for converting between OpenSSL Rsa types and Magic Public Key Formatted Strings

Updated 4 months ago

Test repo to demonstrate Relm use as an Actix actor.

Updated 4 months ago

Workspace for asynchronous ZeroMQ crates

Updated 4 months ago

A rust port of the Encompass Entity Component System

Updated 5 months ago