It's like, but for Rust (fork of
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A Wrapper for the Mastodon API.

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A wrapper around the API for Mastodon


To add elefren to your project, add the following to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml

elefren = "0.16"


To use this crate in your project, add this to your crate root (,, etc):

extern crate elefren;


```rust,no_run extern crate elefren;

use std::error::Error;

use elefren::prelude::*; use elefren::helpers::toml; // requires features = ["toml"] use elefren::helpers::cli;

fn main() -> Result<(), Box> {

let mastodon = if let Ok(data) = toml::from_file("mastodon-data.toml") {
} else {

let you = mastodon.verify_credentials()?;

println!("{:#?}", you);



fn register() -> Result> {

let registration = Registration::new("")
let mastodon = cli::authenticate(registration)?;

// Save app data for using on the next run.
toml::to_file(&*mastodon, "mastodon-data.toml")?;