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@ -3,6 +3,73 @@ Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [v3.1.4] - 2020-05-14
### Added
- Add `vi` to available locales ([taicv](
- Add ability to remove identity proofs from account ([Gargron](
- Add ability to exclude local content from federated timeline ([noellabo](, [noellabo](
- Add `remote` param to `GET /api/v1/timelines/public` REST API
- Add `public/remote` / `public:remote` variants to streaming API
- "Remote only" option in federated timeline column settings in web UI
- Add ability to exclude remote content from hashtag timelines in web UI ([noellabo](
- No changes to REST API
- "Local only" option in hashtag column settings in web UI
- Add Capistrano tasks that reload the services after deploying ([berkes](
- Add `invites_enabled` attribute to `GET /api/v1/instance` in REST API ([ThibG](
- Add `tootctl emoji export` command ([lfuelling](
- Add separate cache directory for non-local uploads ([Gargron](, [Hanage999](, [mayaeh](
- Add `tootctl upgrade storage-schema` command to move old non-local uploads to the cache directory
- Add buttons to delete header and avatar from profile settings ([sternenseemann](
- Add emoji graphics and shortcodes from Twemoji 12.1.5 ([DeeUnderscore](
### Changed
- Change error message when trying to migrate to an account that does not have current account set as an alias to be more clear ([TheEvilSkeleton](
- Change delivery failure tracking to work with hostnames instead of URLs ([Gargron](, [noellabo](, [noellabo](, [noellabo](
- Change Content-Security-Policy to not need unsafe-inline style-src ([ThibG](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Change how RSS items are titled and formatted ([ThibG](, [ykzts](
### Fixed
- Fix dropdown of muted and followed accounts offering option to hide boosts in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix "You are already signed in" alert being shown at wrong times ([ThibG](
- Fix retrying of failed-to-download media files not actually working ([noellabo](
- Fix first poll option not being focused when adding a poll in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix `sr` locale being selected over `sr-Latn` ([ThibG](
- Fix error within error when limiting backtrace to 3 lines ([Gargron](
- Fix `tootctl media remove-orphans` crashing on "Import" files ([ThibG](
- Fix regression in `tootctl media remove-orphans` ([Gargron](
- Fix old unique jobs digests not having been cleaned up ([Gargron](
- Fix own following/followers not showing muted users ([ThibG](
- Fix list of followed people ignoring sorting on Follows & Followers page ([taras2358](
- Fix wrong pgHero Content-Security-Policy when `CDN_HOST` is set ([ThibG](
- Fix needlessly deduplicating usernames on collisions with remote accounts when signing-up through SAML/CAS ([kaiyou](
- Fix page incorrectly scrolling when bringing up dropdown menus in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix messed up z-index when NoScript blocks media/previews in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix "See what's happening" page showing public instead of local timeline for logged-in users ([ThibG](
- Fix not being able to resolve public resources in development environment ([Gargron](
- Fix uninformative error message when uploading unsupported image files ([ThibG](
- Fix expanded video player issues in web UI ([ThibG](, [eai04191](
- Fix and refactor keyboard navigation in dropdown menus in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix uploaded image orientation being messed up in some browsers in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix actions log crash when displaying updates of deleted announcements in admin UI ([ThibG](
- Fix search not working due to proxy settings when using hidden services ([Gargron](
- Fix poll refresh button not being debounced in web UI ([rasjonell](, [ThibG](
- Fix confusing error when failing to add an alias to an unknown account ([ThibG](
- Fix "Email changed" notification sometimes having wrong e-mail ([ThibG](
- Fix varioues issues on the account aliases page ([ThibG](
- Fix API footer link in web UI ([bubblineyuri](
- Fix pagination of following, followers, follow requests, blocks and mutes lists in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix styling of polls in JS-less fallback on public pages ([ThibG](
- Fix trying to delete already deleted file when post-processing ([Gargron](
### Security
- Fix Doorkeeper vulnerability that exposed app secret to users who authorized the app and reset secret of the web UI that could have been exposed ([dependabot-preview[bot]](, [Gargron](
- For apps that self-register on behalf of every individual user (such as most mobile apps), this is a non-issue
- The issue only affects developers of apps who are shared between multiple users, such as server-side apps like cross-posters
## [v3.1.3] - 2020-04-05
### Added

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@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ module Mastodon
def patch
def flags