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Arlo (Hyena) 4c4d4ec275
Merge branch 'asonix/changes' into v2.7.0-branch
1 month ago
chewy Get rid of Chewy order/limit warning (#8355) 6 months ago
controllers Fix directory showing tags that have no currently eligible accounts (#9872) 1 month ago
helpers Merge branch 'asonix/changes' into v2.7.0rc3-branch 1 month ago
javascript i18n: Update Japanese translations (#9871) 1 month ago
lib Add tombstones for remote statuses (#9830) 1 month ago
mailers Improve e-mail digest (#9689) 1 month ago
models Fix missing account association in tombstone model (#9857) 1 month ago
policies Redesign admin instances area (#9645) 1 month ago
presenters Don't count suspended users in user count (#9380) 2 months ago
serializers Fix wrong param name in scheduled statuses and return params in API (#9725) 1 month ago
services Fix error when `scheduled_at` attribute is malformed (#9866) 1 month ago
validators Change note length validation to ignore mention domains and URLs (#9717) 1 month ago
views Add information about how to opt-in to the directory on the directory (#9834) 1 month ago
workers Fix multiple workers for the same scheduled status being queueable (#9875) 1 month ago