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# pict-rs 0.4.5
## Overview
pict-rs 0.4.5 contains a new commandline option for improving throughput when migrating storage, as
well as a change in behavior for the delete endpoint. Additionally there are a few dependency
### Features
- [Migration Concurrency](#migration-concurrency)
### Changes
- [Inline Delete](#inline-delete)
## Upgrade Notes
There's no significant changes from 0.4.4, so upgrading should be as simple as pulling a new version
of pict-rs.
## Descriptions
### Migration Concurrency
When migrating from filesystem storage to object storage, pict-rs initially migrated every file
sequentially. This was extremely slow, so in 0.4.1 this was made concurrent. Since then, the object
storage migration has moved 32 files at a time. This still might be too slow for some large
deployments, so pict-rs 0.4.5 is making this value configurable.
Thew new `--concurrency` flag can be passed to the `migrate-store` subcommand with any integer
value. By default, pict-rs sets this value to 32, but for large deployments, setting it to 128, 256,
or even 512 might be useful. Note that increasing the concurrency will increase the number of
connections to the object storage provider.
$ pict-rs \
migrate-store \
--concurrency 32 \
filesystem \
-p /path/to/files \
object-storage \
-e https://object-storage-endpoint \
-b bucket-name \
-r region \
-a access-key \
-s secret-key \
sled \
-p /path/to/sled-repo
### Inline Delete
Previously, the endpoint for deleting images would always return an HTTP 204 status after queueing a
job to delete the image. This meant that if an invalid `delete token` was provided, or if the
deletion failed for some other reason, the client making the request would not be informed of this.
pict-rs 0.4.5 now performs this deletion inline to ensure the client is made aware of problems.