Local clone of Aardwolf, a WIP federated social network

Updated 4 months ago

a gitea dark theme - stolen from https://gitea.werefoxsoftware.com/shadow8t4/Gitea-Dark-Theme

Updated 11 months ago

Mastodon by Werefox Software source code

Updated 3 weeks ago

ActivityPub types and traits, for Rust

Updated 1 month ago

ActivityStreams types and traits, for Rust

Updated 1 month ago

WIP activitypub scope for Actix Web projects

Updated 2 weeks ago

Form Data handling for the Actix Web Framework in Rust

Updated 1 month ago

A project showing off how middlewares, data, and guards interact for Actix Web

Updated 3 months ago

Sled-backed Oauth2 resource for Actix Web

Updated 4 days ago

Test repo to demonstrate Relm use as an Actix actor.

Updated 1 month ago

Authentication for Actix-Web projects backed by Sled

Updated 4 days ago

A caching system built on top of Sled and Actix

Updated 3 days ago

An Actix Web Session Backend using the Sled embedded database_

Updated 2 days ago

Types and helpers to interact with Webfinger from an actix environment

Updated 1 month ago

A simple way to proxy web requests to a webpack dev server with Actix

Updated 1 month ago

Playbooks for setting up the asonix.dog network, including Mastodon, Gitea, and Nextcloud

Updated 2 months ago

an activitypub server, in Rust

Updated 1 year ago


Updated 7 months ago

hmmmmmm uwu

Updated 7 months ago