6955 Commits (asonix/changes)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Arlo (Hyena) 87feb99e28 Merge branch 'asonix/add-patreon' of asonix/mastodon into asonix/changes 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) ddefe936c5
Add patreon 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) e89fba290a Merge branch 'asonix/fix-linking-again' of asonix/mastodon into asonix/changes 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) d25a304bd1
Fix linking again oops 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) 4258c0d356 Merge branch 'v2.7.4-branch' of asonix/mastodon into asonix/changes 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) 530bb8a415
Update translations 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) f07ff8977e
Merge branch 'asonix/changes' into v2.7.4-branch 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) 8dd7d9c1c1 Merge branch 'asonix/fix-linking' of asonix/mastodon into asonix/changes 2 weeks ago
  Arlo (Hyena) 690d7e21eb
Fix linking 2 weeks ago
  Eugen Rochko a91349d45d Bump version to 2.7.4 3 weeks ago
  ThibG ae9e5ac6c8 Fix suspended account's fields being set as empty dict instead of list (#10178) 3 weeks ago
  ThibG 7034bb65d6 Fix lists export (#10136) 3 weeks ago
  Eugen Rochko a4bc5c375c Fix home timeline perpetually reloading when empty (#10130) 3 weeks ago
  ThibG 2d9138082e Fix serialization of boosts (#10129) 3 weeks ago
  ThibG 3a3cdc9724 Fix direct timeline pagination in the WebUI (#10126) 3 weeks ago
  trwnh 7a5095a53c Allow getting-started to scroll on short screens (#10075) 3 weeks ago
  ThibG 7f5b570688 Fix mention processing for unknwon accounts on incoming ActivityPub Notes (#10125) 3 weeks ago
  abcang aa63c3e22a Improve account media query (#10121) 4 weeks ago
  ThibG 04197a2745 Avoid redundant HTTP request on some error cases (#10115) 4 weeks ago
  Eugen Rochko 1219e463f9 Fix web UI not removing notifications after block (#10108) 4 weeks ago
  Eugen Rochko 0359345147 Bump version to 2.7.3 1 month ago
  ThibG 6df61bf9d2 Fix “reset” button of instance filter switching to custom emoji admin panel (#10076) 1 month ago
  ThibG 80db9a74ef Add quick link from admin account view to block/unblock instance (#10073) 1 month ago
  ThibG 3dd663c455 Add domain search/filter to the "Federation" (/admin/instances) page (#10071) 1 month ago
  Hinaloe 07fffd226d Randomize emoji filename (#10090) 1 month ago
  ThibG 890a606431 Do not error out when performing admin actions on no statuses (#10094) 1 month ago
  ThibG a750d1aa34 Fix crash when conversations have no valid participants (#10078) 1 month ago
  ThibG d23a7f9726 Hide domain filter in admin page when “local” filter is active (#10074) 1 month ago
  ThibG 3e59a0e838 Fix video player width not being updated to fit container width (#10069) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko f3eb99aec3 Bump version to 2.7.2 1 month ago
  ThibG e5f4af23ef Fix crash on public hashtag pages when streaming fails (#10061) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 33e8fa0d76 Fix mutes, blocks, domain blocks and follow requests not paginating (#10057) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 98e38200ab Add vapid_key to the application entity in the REST API (#10058) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko b6a5268e1b Add registrations attribute to instance entity in REST API (#10060) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko caf1450292 Change error graphic to hover-to-play (#10055) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 584f29e62a Change buttons on timeline preview to open the interaction dialog (#10054) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 7b59de4f5c Change conversations to always show names of other participants (#10047) 1 month ago
  rinsuki 5aa147b67d Fix breaks when opening a reply tree in WebUI (#10046) 1 month ago
  Nolan Lawson 77a71236ad perf: run node directly when streaming (#10032) 1 month ago
  Ben Lubar 1ad0d232b3 Improve image description user experience (#10036) 1 month ago
  nightpool 45b2bb464b Change robots.txt to exclude only media proxy URLs (#10038) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 637f0007b9 Change robots.txt to exclude some URLs (#10037) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 8ad75eea62 Fix relay enabling/disabling not resetting inbox availability status (#10048) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko b163368c3e Fix Announce activities of unknown statuses not fetching those statuses (#10065) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 71b831601d Add logging for rejected ActivityPub payloads and add tests (#10062) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko e84c761819 Filter incoming Announce activities by relation to local activity (#10041) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko ef45411c53 Filter incoming Create activities by relation to local activity (#10005) 1 month ago
  ThibG 6c11f0f8cf Alternative handling of private self-boosts (#9998) 1 month ago
  ysksn 737ac4b59d Create Redisable#redis (#9633) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 17a41e1f77 Fix hashtag column not subscribing to stream on mount (#10040) 1 month ago