rustls-backed TLS for tokio-postgres without a required crypto backend
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An impelementation of TLS based on rustls for tokio-postgres

This crate allows users to select a crypto backend, or bring their own, rather than relying on primitives provided by ring directly. This is done through the use of x509-cert for certificate parsing rather than X509-certificate, while also adding an abstraction for computing digests.

By default, tokio-postgres-generic-rustls does not provide a digest implementation, but one or more are provided behind crate features.

Feature Impelementation
aws-lc-rs AwsLcRsDigest
ring RingDigest
rustcrypto RustcryptoDigest


Using this crate is fairly straightforward. First, select your digest impelementation via crate features (or provide your own), then construct rustls connector for tokio-postgres with your rustls client configuration.

The following example demonstrates providing a custom digest backend.

use tokio_postgres_generic_rustls::{DigestImplementation, DigestAlgorithm, MakeRustlsConnect};

struct DemoDigest;

impl DigestImplementation for DemoDigest {
    fn digest(&self, algorithm: DigestAlgorithm, bytes: &[u8]) -> Vec<u8> {
        todo!("digest it")

fn main() {
    let cert_store = rustls::RootCertStore::empty();

    let config = rustls::ClientConfig::builder()

    let tls = MakeRustlsConnect::new(config, DemoDigest);

    let connect_future = tokio_postgres::connect("postgres://username:password@localhost:5432/db", tls);

    // connect_future.await;


This project is licensed under either of

at your option.